Why You Should Read This Blog

According to the internet Pakistan does not have a culture. Our culture is considered either a carbon copy of the Indians or nonexistent. Oh, and lets not even start on the whole “Pakistanis are terrorists” fiasco.  What all this adds up to is that we lack internet representation that is not overrun with controversy. Charda Suuraj is here to try to fill that gap; we will attempt to represent Pakistan culture from real Pakistani viewpoint. Our name means Rising Sun in English and it represents the slow raising of awareness regarding Pakistan’s culture to the global internet community.

The solution for this gap in portrayal is a lifestyle Blog for real Pakistanis living in Pakistan. This blog is aimed at an authentic Pakistani audience; we aim to represent the Pakistani culture in a wholesome, accurate and comprehensive manner.

Our Goals

The Goals of this blog include:

  • Preserving accurate and complete Recipes of Pakistani Traditional Food in English
  • Creating a platform for exchange of ideas for cultural enrichment
  • Creating awareness for Pakistani tradition globally
  • Preserve historical cultural remedies
  • Share Fictional Stories written by Pakistani Authors
  • Support lesser known Pakistani Authors
  • Learn from our Readers and improve our writing skills

Our Posting Schedule

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Monday Food
Tuesday Health
Wednesday Entertainment
Thursday Beauty
Friday Story

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