Do you suffer from acidity? Are you tired of swallowing pill after useless pill? Fear not, for here we present a fast, natural and easy remedy!



Acidity has different symptoms in different people.  Some feel gas, others experience bad breath and still others feel burning in stomach or near heart. It is quite bad a feeling and oftentimes one feels sick and tired. It occurs when there is an imbalance of enzymes and acids in the stomach.

A friend of mine once suffered from acidity and was taking medicines for about six months with no good results and a stage came when doctors suggested that he should have an ECG as they suspected something had gone wrong with his heart. He and his family were very upset and he under went all kind of tests but doctors were unable to diagnose the exact problem.


We were having a party at home where he was also invited. We were having barbecue and enjoying the party but he said that he cannot eat these things due to the problems listed above. I and few others suggested Ispaghol ka chilka (Psyllium seed husk). He agreed with us halfheartedly.

After taking this for three days he phoned me and said it worked like magic and now I am feeling much better.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you are feeling acidity and gas in the stomach try Psyllium seed husk (“Ispaghol ka chilka”), for some days.

How to Use

Eat two teaspoons of Psyllium seed husk with plain water before sleeping or early in the morning before breakfast.

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